Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I file my form and payment (if due)?

Click here to file and pay for your return online (at no additional cost) OR mail your return to the following address:

Berkheimer Tax Administrator
PO Box 25157
Lehigh Valley, PA 18002

Who must file?

All individuals who receive a DQ-1 Quarterly Estimated Earned Income Tax form must respond regardless of income or age. If no response is received you may be subject to additional cost. To download the DQ-1 and instructions, click here.

If I change employers during the year and my new employer withholds local tax do I still need to file a DQ form?

Check the box on your next quarter DQ form that indicates all the tax is withheld by your employer and return the form.

May I make one estimated payment in the beginning of the year based on my previous year earnings?

Yes- but you must return all four Quarterly estimated forms to credit your account correctly.

If I estimate my earnings too high and need to request a refund what should I do?

You can request a refund on your Final Earned Income Tax form.

If I work out of state do I still need to file and pay quarterly although I may be entitled to a credit?

At this time you should pay on your 401k earnings if they are not taxed by the other state since the credit is not known at this time. The final return will be subject to audit at the end of the year to determine the allowable credit.

Can I pay for both spouses with the same check?

Yes- indicate on the check how much to apply to each Social Security number or attach a separate form for each spouse.

If my earnings are under a certain amount or I have no earnings for this quarter am I still required to file?

If your anticipated annual taxable earnings are $12,000 or less you are not required to file quarterly. If you have not been filing , based on the above criteria, and you realize your taxable income for the year will now exceed $12,000 you should make the appropriate payment to catch up to the current quarter at the next filing due date. Quarterly due dates are April 30th, July 31st, October 31st and January 31st of the proceeding year.

If I am employed in Philadelphia am I required to file?

Indicate on the DQ form that all tax is withheld by your employer. Also please indicate that you are employed in Philadelphia and return the form.

Where can I get another form?

Where can I locate the tax rate for a specific jurisdiction?

If you need information on tax rates, please click here.