What people are saying about Berkheimer.

At Berkheimer, we constantly strive to provide the best service to solve the needs of individuals and our customers. If you have feedback based on your experience with our staff, please send us a testimonial.
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Wendy was lovely and helpful. Thank you.

Meredith S. (West Chester)

I gave Cindy a tin with homemade chocolates in it because she is so nice and helpful when I visit the office.

Betty R. (Bangor)

Cindy is the best! I was so glad to see her at the counter when I came into the office and can’t wait to see her next year.

Errick H. (Stroud Township)

Barb was very helpful and I want to make sure she is commended for her professionalism and helpfulness. She answered all my questions and I received great customer service.

Paul T. (Bellwood Boro)

Cindy was very helpful. She took her time explaining the tax, she answered every question we had and delivered great customer service.

Tom G. (Paradise Township)

You are all so helpful. I have always talked to someone nice when calling in.

Michael S. (Shamokin)

I called and spoke with Barb. She was very knowledgeable, answered all my questions, and explained everything very clearly. She was fantastic and did a great job!

George P. (Norristown)

I called in and spoke with Cindy Starr due to my frustration with not knowing what was going on about my local tax bills and such.

Cindy was MOST helpful and courteous in her helping me understand my situation, she even advised me how to use the website and also offered to have me send her mine and my wife’s W-2’s to see if we owed any local tax and then she followed up with an e-mail to me.

I wish more people were like Cindy in how she dealt with me who was upset at first, but then really did an incredible job of TOTAL customer service.

Thanks Cindy.

James H. (Selinsgrove)

Kristen was very helpful and delightful. Thanks Kristen!

Lynn B. (East Stroudsburg)

I am very appreciative of the assistance I received from Elizabeth. You are blessed to have such a great employee. I would like to compliment her knowledge and how articulate she was. If I had to rate her from 1 to 10 she would be a 20!!

Denise S. (New Britain Township)

I knew nothing about Berkheimer or local taxes and was so pleased and thankful to have spoken to Cindy Starr. She explained everything to me clearly and patiently within a matter of moments and just made my day!

Bernadette M. (West Bradford Township)

Denise was a joy to speak with. She offered excellent customer service, and she handled my problem efficiently and quickly.

Jean V. (Rose Tree Media)

Daniele is a great employee. While it is difficult to deal with past due taxes Daniele made the process very easy. She remained calm and easy going and gave me excellent direction on how to handle his bill.

Andy M. (Skippack Township)

I was assisted today by Cindy Starr who could not have been more helpful. She was kind, professional, and offered relevant suggestions towards a solution to my issue. In short, a great person to work with.

Steve M. (West Bradford, PA)

Ashley provided great customer service and I might still live in Pennsylvania if there were more people like her!! Thank you Ashley.

Dave R. (Hepburn Township)

I just had a return call and I would like to tell you Cindy Starr did a great job. She walked me through the bills and answered every question. A great employee and I was lucky to have her answer my phone call.

Mary J. (Kennett Township)

I would like to thank Cindy for the help she provided me. This was by far the best service I have received. Thanks again.

Michael A. (Caln Township)

I want to thank Kathy in the Pittsburgh office for your time and help by phone.

Barb B.

I am writing to commend an employee who is under your supervision. I have prepared taxes for many years and have sought the assistance of many individuals in many different tax offices. I have had several occasions to call upon Peggy, who is located in your Harborcreek office. She has been kind, courteous, and extremely helpful in assisting me with my tax questions and problems. In my opinion she has gone above and beyond the call of duty in the performance of her duties, even to the point of researching the answers to my questions and problems, in great depth. She is a credit to your organization.

David R. (Erie)

I have nothing but praise for Jennifer. She took the time to listen to me and to help me get things straightened out. Thank you

Christopher J. (Bethlehem)

Doris was extremely helpful and patient with me. She provided me with clear information so we could move forward paying the taxes properly. Thanks!

Kathy M. (Landsdale Boro)

Congratulations on having an honest considerate staff and particularly a staffer with great integrity. I wrote checks to pay our per capita taxes. I inadvertently tore off a third blank check and enclosed it with the others. It was a mystery when I saw the blank space in the check registry. Today I received a letter from your firm with this blank check. No paperwork included so I can only profusely and often thank your entire staff. The temptation of having a blank check and two signature samples must have been awesome. Again thank your staff on our behalf.

Walter R. (Bethlehem Township)

Cindy was very helpful when I spoke with her today and did a great job at handling my account. Thank you!

Donald K. (E. Stroudsburg)

I want to compliment Wendy on being a great employee. She was extremely patient with me and willing to explain my account in a very professional manner. I have called multiple times in the past and have always received great customer service and the representatives get nicer each time.

David S. (Limerick Township)

I just spoke with John. It was wonderful it was to speak to a Customer Care Representative who cared about my problem! Thank you.

Michael W. (Huntingdon Area School District)

Today was the second time I had to call Berkheimer for a question. I spoke with Patricia and she was as sweet as the first person I had spoken to last year….what a great office!! Oh, and the question was answered and taken care of in 2 minutes.

Thanks, Ladies

Mary B. (Williams Township)

It is so nice to know that there are still some very kind people who do their jobs well in this world. I know that collecting taxes must be a stressful job at times, but my Husband said how nice Mary Ellen was…there needs to be more of us like her & I hope she gets the acknowledgement that she deserves. I cannot thank her enough…If ever in Levittown, stop by and see me.

Kari H. (Bristol Township)

Shannon was very helpful when I called and I received GREAT customer service!

Kenneth P. (E. Fallowfield)

Thank you so much for implementing online filing. It is a wonderful idea and works wonderfully.

Rebecca J. (Towamencin Township)

Thank you Sandie for allaying my concerns. I really appreciate how kind and understanding you were. Thank you again for listening. You are a credit to your organization.

Angela C. (Whitemarsh Township)