Welcome to the BerkApp

Filing has never been easier.

Berkheimer Tax Innovations has been hard at work developing and expanding our mobile app to help make filing your local taxes easier and more convenient than ever.

  1. File your Taxpayer’s Annual Local Earned Income Tax Return.
    • Only single returns can be filed at this time.
    • Joint returns can be filed on our e-File website.
  2. If you need to respond to a correspondence or inquiry from our office, you can simply type in a quick response and take a pic of the correspondence and any supporting documentation that has been requested.  No need to write a letter or physically send in documents.   Quick and easy is our goal.
  3. If you have received a balance due letter or delinquent tax notice from us, you can now pay it through the app.
  4. Pay your real estate tax, per capita tax or utility bill through the app.
  5. If you received a Earned Income Tax Reminder Notice, you can submit your return or respond to the letter by indicating you had no earned income during the tax year.

The App currently supports two types of filers:

  1. If you have just a W2 and no other Schedules or Forms, you can easily file by just taking a picture of the W2, and entering a few fields. This should be a quick and easy way to file.
  2. If you have a completed paper return that includes any type of schedule or form, you can use your phone or tablet to take pictures of each page and upload them as your filing.
  3. If you moved during the tax year or lived out of state, please see our e-File website.

The app shares active accounts on the Berkheimer e-File portal, so if you have filed online with us before, you may use the same login within the mobile app as you use with e-File.

Get the BerkApp now and see how simple filing can be!

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