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Individual Earned Income Tax (EIT) Forms

Taxpayer Annual Local Earned Income Tax Return (F-1)
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Supplemental Form:
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Part Year Resident EIT Worksheet    Use this form if you have moved during the tax year to allocate earnings/tax to each residence.


BerkApp NEW!!  Information

If you are printing a form to mail, you will need to know your Political Subdivision Code (PSD) – Find Your PSD

Please be advised that per a court decision passed down on 1/7/13, individuals who have City of Philadelphia Non-resident wage tax withheld may apply the taxes paid as credit against wages earned OUTSIDE the city as well. Refunds will not be issued for Philadelphia wage tax withheld in excess of the taxpayer’s liability. This decision returns the crediting provisions to how they were applied for tax year 2011 and prior.

Important—There has been a change in the way Active Duty Military pay is taxed for 2012—this is per ACT 32 guidelines:

Active Duty – 2016 and forward – Active duty military pay is exempt from taxation regardless of where it was earned.

Active Duty Pay-2012 thru 2015—Active duty military pay is taxable if earned in PA.  If military pay is earned outside of PA, it is not taxable.

Active Duty Pay – 2011 and prior-Active duty military pay is exempt from taxation regardless of where it was earned.

Individual File Maintenance Form

Enter information to update your file with Berkheimer Tax Innovations.

Quarterly Estimated (DQ-1)
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Residency Certification Form
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Verification Of Tax Information

Reminder Notices Individual Earned Income Tax (EIT) Forms

Local Earned Income Tax Reminder Notice

Individual Local Services Tax (LST-3) Forms

 LST-3 Local Services Tax Individual Return
$10.00 or Less
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Greater than $10.00
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Local Services Tax – Exemption Certificate
Act 199 Local Services Tax Exemption Certificate
Local Services Tax – Refund Application
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