The following is a general outline of services that can be performed in the administration and collection of taxes by Berkheimer.  If you would like more specific information about our services and how they would work for you, we encourage you to contact us and speak to one of our representatives for more information.


We can provide a complete audit of the tax collection by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants. Additionally, we will make all books, papers, and records available to auditors appointed by the client for the purpose of auditing collection accounts administered by Berkheimer. The sophistication of our systems allows for rapid deployment of funds to the clients account, while allowing for to-the-penny audit trails.


We can provide complete bonding on all monies remaining undistributed at any one time.

Public Relations

We can prepare and release appropriate information to the local media to educate the general public to their local tax responsibilities. Collection notices, ads, and press releases are an important part of the overall collection effort to ensure public confidence and awareness.


We assume responsibility for and claim money due our clients from other collectors. In conjunction with this phase of collection, Berkheimer is capable of reciprocation to other collectors on a monthly or quarterly basis. This feature can ensure timely exchange of tax money.

Integral Delinquent Collection

We assume responsibility for any and all delinquent tax accounts. Our Delinquent Department will continue to pursue delinquent accounts for as many outstanding years as the law allows.

Taxpayer Audits

Audit and investigate all tax returns of a questionable nature. Berkheimer maintains a separate auditing department for this purpose.

Financial Reconciliation

Detailed reporting to our clients, on a monthly basis, reconciling all disbursements for the month. Berkheimer’s financial system provides the Finance Department with up-to-the-minute information via on-line terminals to constantly monitor collections. As a result, daily or weekly disbursements are verifiable to the penny eliminating guesswork intermediate distributions.

Commercial Census

We can provide a complete survey of all area businesses and industries. This will be accomplished by our trained staff of Field Representatives.


Tax revenues may be electronically transferred to any account designated by the township. Berkheimer’s computerized system provides for instantaneous use of funds. Berkheimer can also receive as well as transmit employer data electronically.

Fast Cash

Berkheimer utilizes a sophisticated remittance processing system. This same equipment which is utilized by most major banks and high volume lock box providers enhances and streamlines our remittance process while ensuring accuracy of payments posted. The Berkheimer Tax System allows funds to be identified daily and to automatically disburse any and all money collected to our clients on a weekly basis.


We can provide legal representation in regard to all matters pertaining to the tax and/or its administration. Through the use of our in-house and on-staff attorneys, Berkheimer is able to provide legal guidance and assistance to the Solicitor as well as handle all appeals relative to delinquent collections. If you choose, and upon appointment, Berkheimer can provide Tax Hearing Officer services.

Taxpayer Service Department

Our representatives are trained professionals available to provide taxpayers with prompt and courteous service. Each representative has access to our imaging systems, providing on-line taxpayer information to them as they respond to taxpayer’s telephone inquiry.


Our experienced staff members are ready to serve any individual or group in order to explain the tax levy or the method in which it is administered.


Provide budgetary counseling through the utilization of our precision accounting system. This allows us to have a finger on the pulse or our client’s fiscal situation and provides an accurate picture of future revenue from any levy administered by Berkheimer.


Our systems are specially engineered to analyze and report data gathered in the course of the tax collection process and can be financially lifesaving by-product of using Berkheimer’s collection expertise.


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