We take security seriously.


Berkheimer Tax Administrator Website and Email Authenticity

If you suspect the legitimacy of a Communication or you suspect you have received a fraudulent contact from an individual and/or organization attempting to represent Berkheimer Tax Administrator please review the following.

Facts that can help you determine if the communication is legitimate.

  • All official Berkheimer Tax Administrator website addresses will be from the following domains: hab-inc.com or berk-e.com
  • All emails sent will be from wecare@palocaltax.com or will end with @hab-inc.com (i.e. csberk@hab-inc.com, website@hab-inc.com, cls@hab-inc.com, etc…)
  • All emails initiated by Berkheimer will never request specific personal information.
  • Berkheimer does not send emails requesting passwords, bank account numbers, credit card numbers and/or any financially sensitive account information.
If you believe you are the recipient of a fraudulent communication claiming to be Berkheimer Tax Administrator and/or directing you to an unauthorized Berkheimer website.
  • Do not reply to the communication
  • Do not open attachments
  • Do not click on any links
  • Report the incident to Berkheimer Tax Administrator

Reporting a fraudulent incident.

  • Contact our Customer Care Department at 1-610-599-3139, or
  • Forward the email or Web site URL to Berkheimer at website@hab-inc.com
  • If known, forward the internet header information. The internet header will contain information that will help locate the sender. For more details on Internet Headers click here
  • After providing the information delete the email.

For Consumer Alert information from the IRS, please click here.

Additional Resources

OnGuardOnline.gov provides protection tips from the federal government.