The following is a general outline of support services that can be performed in the administration and collection of taxes by Berkheimer.  If you would like more specific information about our services and how they would work for you, we encourage you to contact us and speak to one of our representatives for more information.


Sophisticated Information Systems

State-of-the-art data processing equipment backed by a knowledgeable in-house programming staff. Eight full-time programmer/analysts support and create the software necessary to ensure user satisfaction.

The use of high speed laser printing technology allows us to design our tax forms to include remittance stubs with an OCR scan line. This equipment also captures an image of each form and makes this image available to each processor, allowing them to locate and view complete taxpayer data at their work station. This process is totally image enabled allowing for work flow efficiencies that are unmatched in the industry.

In-House Printing Plant

Graphic arts equipment second to none. Skilled designers and professionals experienced and able to respond to the demands of our diversified client base. Multiple Xerox high speed highlight color laser printers provide the capability of efficient custom forms design.

On-staff Attorney

A complete Legal Department including two on-staff attorneys. The tenor or today’s times demands solutions to complicated problems. With “tax reform” proposals appearing daily and bankruptcy and delinquency on the rise, this area of service is essential.

Precision Accounting Systems

A progressive financial accounting system. Expertise in income projections, collections monitoring, auditing, and analysis are but some of the services generated for our tax clients.

Auditors in Your Community

A field auditing department that maintains a presence in many Pennsylvania counties ensure proper auditing and delinquent follow-up. By telephone or in person, these skilled professionals provide courteous but firm assurance that any tax will be uniformly collected and administered.

Local Offices

A statewide office network ensures that every client and it’s taxpayers have access to personalized service. To find the closest Berkheimer office to your location, please go to Find a Local Office.

Up-to-date Tax Rolls

A comprehensive system of tax roll analysis. The database is perpetually in a state of flux as information is edited on a daily basis. Taxpayers are questioned regularly if their status is in doubt. Our experience in census and enumeration has helped us to develop the most comprehensive tax rolls in the industry.

Accounting for the 21st Century

A sophisticated set of internal controls that eliminate the need to maintain a separate bank account for each client and every tax. This proven and fully documented system allows us to co-mingle funds for rapid deployment to our clients accounts and yet provide to-the-penny audit trails.

Timely Information for You

Our TAX FACTS newsletter, provided free to all clients, keeps you up-to-date on the what’s happening in the State Capital and how it may impact on local government.


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