Unsurpassed Performance


Berkheimer’s performance proven tax administration system has historically been able to streamline and upgrade collections. Ceaseless refinement of systems and services have resulted in programs tailored to fit the needs of diverse clients and the way they work.

Unlike competitors who seem to have suddenly discovered words like “cash flow” and “efficiency”, Berkheimer has spent decades becoming synonymous with innovative, intelligent financial engineering. The integrity of our collection and administration of taxes is the result of a single-minded dedication to technical excellence that explains, in great measure, our dynamic success.

The most powerful equipment in the world can in no way substitute for personal service. At another level, a less superficial one at that, is an attitude . . . a spirit . . . the belief that nothing of superior caliber is possible without a commitment to excellence and team work.

At Berkheimer we believe it is this spirit that separates us from the many other service bureaus and collection agencies. These qualities contribute to the design of programs to produce and ensure more tax dollars and better support services.


Berkheimer Tax Administrator…rarely cheapest always least expensive ®