We hope that this message finds that you and your families have been able to remain virus free and safe in this trying time. 

Due to the recommended social distancing guidelines for COVID- 19 all Berkheimer offices statewide will be closed to the public until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and encourage you to file and make payments online or using our BerkApp (mobile app).  For further assistance please contact us. Thank you for your understanding during this time.

Reminder Notice

If you believe you received a Reminder Notice in error, click here to tell us why.

Electronic Services

berk-e is our suite of industry leading electronic tax filing, payment, and management services. It is an easy, safe and secure method of electronically filing and paying your taxes directly on our website.

If you are a Microsoft windows XP user, due to the fact that Microsoft is no longer supporting this version, the information you enter may not be secure.  We recommend you use an alternate version of windows. 

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Online Payments

If you have received a Delinquent Notice (HAB-DLT), EIT Correspondence (HAB) or a Per Capita Tax, Real Estate Tax or Utility Bill (HAB-MISC) asking you to remit payment, you can pay online. You can select from the following fast, easy & secure options.

Pay online using a checking or savings account (ACH) or make a credit or debit card payment (fees apply). To learn more, click the appropriate link below.

Delinquent Notice (HAB-DLT)
Employer: Remit Wage Attachments Funds
Earned Income Tax Balance Due Notice (HAB)
Local Services Tax Balance Due Notice (HAB-LST)
Per Capita Tax, Real Estate Tax or Utility Bill (HAB-MISC)

Act 32 Information

Act 32 is effective in Pennsylvania as of January 1, 2012. To learn more about this important change to the Pennsylvania tax system, click here.


Learn more about Act 32 from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development

Complete your Downloadable Residency Certification Form (pdf)

See the list of Tax Collection Districts serviced by Berkheimer (as of 1/1/2014)