To request an exoneration use the form below for the appropriate School District / Municipality listed below.

If your jurisdiction is not listed below and you have moved, please use our Application For Per Capita and / or Occupation Exoneration Request Form – Moved.

For all other reasons, please use our Application For Per Capita and / or Occupation Exoneration Request Form.

Can I apply for exoneration from this tax?

In most cases there is only one exoneration for the Per Capita Tax, under 18 years of age.  If age exoneration is not 18 it will be noted on your tax notice. However, some areas allow an exemption for the Occupation Tax such as Students, Disabled Individuals and Active Military. Your bill should contain a list of available exonerations for your area, if no exonerations are listed then you would be liable for the tax.  If you have questions on the exonerations, please contact us by email to see if your circumstances are within the exoneration guidelines for where you live.  Some areas require you to submit an exoneration form.  If your bill indicates such, please click on the link below to obtain the form.

What should I do if I qualify for an exoneration?

If you qualify for exoneration you will be required to return the bill/form along with the supporting documentation required as noted on the bill and/or exoneration form for the area that you reside in.  If your area requires an exoneration form they are listed below, if not listed provide information and return bill.

Please note that these are general frequently asked questions. If you have a specific questions, please use the contact us by email link above to contact us with your specific question(s).

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