Have you moved during the tax year?

Berkheimer has created a Part Year Resident Earned Income Tax Worksheet to assist you in determining how much of your earnings and tax should be allocated to each of the addresses where you lived during the tax year.  This worksheet will create prorated Annual Local Earned Income Tax filing documents that you can use for your filing.   While this online worksheet is not directly linked to our e-File application, it will create PDF images that can be uploaded as a filing or printed and mailed.  Anyone is free to use this form to determine the allocation of wages and tax.

Instructions for using the form:

  • On the form, provide information regarding your residences, your employment and other information used to prepare a local earned income tax return.  Results will be displayed on the screen.  There is a PDF you can download and submit as your tax filing if accepted by your tax collector.
  • You must include a full year of dates in the form in order for it to process correctly.  All months must be accounted for in the dates used.
  • Rates will automatically be calculated based on the PSD Code entered.
  • The worksheet prorates the wages to each residency based on the tax liability for that month, for that employment location, for that residency.
  • The worksheet prorates the tax withheld based on residency for each month of employment.
  • For wages, please use box 16 for PA W-2 and box 5 for all other states. If you have multiple wages and withholding reported on your W-2, input each as separate employment history.
  • Taxpayer social security number, name and current address will be required for PDF download.
  • You can easily upload an image of this return using our BerkApp.  Click here for more information on the BerkApp.
  • As an alternative to using the BerkApp, you can mail your tax return to our office.
  • This worksheet cannot be used for individuals who worked in City of Philadelphia.
Part Year EIT Resident Worksheet


Please be advised, the calculations, forms, and worksheets generated by using this service, are provided as a courtesy by Berkheimer, for general use only and may not be appropriate or accurate for all situations. Other collectors may require the use of different forms and/or calculation methodology. The use of this service does not release the taxpayer from any liabilities identified by Berkheimer or another collector. Berkheimer does not provide tax preparation services and the taxpayer is ultimately responsible for calculations and content of their filing. Should you have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of your tax return, please consult a tax preparer.


Do you need to respond to a letter asking for your move history?

This form is used only to help you calculate information for your tax return.

If you need to provide us with your move dates at our request after you have filed your return, you can respond to that letter via our BerkApp.  Click here for information on the BerkApp.

As an alternative, you can provide that information to our office by completing the form linked below.

Part Year Resident Response


July 20, 2020