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At Berkheimer, we constantly strive to provide the best service to solve the needs of individuals and our customers. If you have feedback based on your experience with our staff, please send us a testimonial.
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First time e-filing and I had some problems. Called the 610 number and spoke to a very helpful and courteous lady whose name I don’t remember. Unbelievably great customer service.

Chris C. (Hermitage)

Denise was very helpful and knowledgeable and explained EIT filing to me in a way that I could understand. Thanks Denise!

Amelia S. (Springfield Township)

I spoke to Sam today and she was an ”Absolute Angel” she walked her through how to file and I just wanted her to know how Wonderful she was!

Delores K. (Horsham Township)

Cindy was very helpful, she went “above and beyond” to help me. Thank you!

Katrice P. (Cheltenham)

Nikki was very helpful in elevating me of my tax confusion stress! She handled my issue and explained everything very well. Thank you Nikki, you deserve a gold coin!

Megan S. (Bald Eagle, Port Matilda)

Joy did an great job! She is very helpful and deserves some props!

Chris M. (Monaca)

Mandy was wonderful and very helpful. She had an amazing attitude in helping me resolve my issue.

Shannon H. (Ellwood City)

Amy was very professional and helpful and managed to resolve my issues promptly.

Robert Z. (Blairsville)

I was having difficulties filing for 2012. Suzen was more helpful than you can imagine and I really appreciate being able to work with someone who is so patient, caring, and understanding.

Eleanor M. (New Brighton)

Today I had the fortunate experience to talk with Ruth. She resolved my problem within seconds and assured me that it would be resolved in the future as well. Not only is Ruth professional and friendly, she is obviously an experienced problem-solver.

Sherrie S. (Conneaut)

I called for my wife and talked to Briedy and Meghan. They were incredible helpful, very professional, and courteous. I was very impressed with both ladies!!!

Brian (Clymer Boro)

Suzen was very efficient and took care of all of my problems. She was very knowledgeable of tax codes and should receive a gold star for her work today!!!

Robert P.

I just wanted to send a thank you to Dionne. I just spoke to her about an issue I had with my account and within minutes she was able to resolve it. She was so nice to talk to and made the fix so easy. I’m sure you don’t hear that much, so I wanted to make sure I sent along my thanks!

Tara H. (Southmont Boro)

I initially called to complain but Kristin was able to resolve my problem promptly. Kristin is a really great employee!

Narciso R. (East Norriton)

Tina’s cheerfulness in solving my dilemma made my visit stress free. She is truly a credit to the company. May everyone you meet return the kindness you show to them.

Dee T. (Nazareth)

Jessica was very nice, knowledgeable, and went the extra mile to resolve my issues immediately. I really appreciated it!

Arlene G. (Dallas Township)

Jennifer went above and beyond what she needed to do for me. She was extremely friendly and a wonderful person.

Robert B. (Hopewell Township)

Briedy was Great, Effective, and had excellent client relationship skills. She took the time to look into my issue, she was simply Fantastic!

Thomas M. (East Norriton Township)

I am very grateful to have been working with Daniele over the past (3) three years, she is GREAT employee.

Nancy S. (Baldwin Boro)

Terri was very patient, accurate, and dedicated to resolving the account I was working on. She is a credit to your organization.

Kevin J. (Allentown)

Terri provided great customer service. She went above and beyond what she needed to do. Thanks!

Elizabeth R. (Hazleton Area School District)

Jennifer made my day easier with her excellent customer service I really appreciated her help!

Joe H.

I cannot express in words how helpful and great Terri was when she assisted me with the questions that I had. Thanks Terri!


Amy White was very patient and thorough. Amy is an asset to Berkheimer.

Dorothy L. (Lower Macungie)

Jemma was extraordinary and exceptional in assisting me with my tax return questions

Robert S.

Came in the office today and Daryle assisted me and was very nice, helpful, polite, and explained everything to me that I asked. Very helpful employee.

Rich F. (Altoona)

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful customer service provided me by two employees from your Bridgeport PA office on Thursday, February 21st. One lady was Ede who greeted me at the front desk and helped me with several aspects of my local income tax returns. For further questions of a more perplexing nature I was assisted by a very capable young woman by the name of Angela… who had recently joined the office staff from your Bangor location. I never anticipated such pleasant and professional care and helpfulness! Thank you so much.

Wayne M. (East Norriton)

Jemma Bruce was wonderful to talk to and was very knowledgeable. Thank you.

Linda I. (Cheltenham Township)

I want to give credit where credit is due. I was NOT in favor of Berkheimer for our county EIT collections as we would lose 9 full time positions locally and 3 physical offices where we could deal with local collection questions and situations with a real person. However, since the switch has taken place, I want everyone to know how helpful the end results will be when you call into customer care. On more than seven occasions since January, two within the last 12 hours, I have been handled with kind voices, patience, understanding, exceeding knowledge of their job and correctness in answers I was seeking to several and I mean several questions I had. Wow! Amazing! When the switch came for Berkheimer to collect the LST in the third quarter of 2012 for our county, I was elated. No more filing with multiple collection agencies, dealing with different web sites, and remembering multiple passwords, log-ins etc. to accomplish my job neatly and quickly. Today is a real testimony to the training the customer care team has had. Jenna and Cindy S. went above and beyond with me to explain withholding limits, Exemption certificates, Refund Applications, as well as correcting my CSV information to expedite my filing for several clients. I have many phone calls from many disgruntled taxpayers and income tax customers daily and know how hard it is to treat every individual with kindness and courteousness call after call. They both answered the phone with a willingness in their voices to assist and both reminded me to have a great day! These ladies get my gold star for the day! And kudos to Berk-E On-Line…they have lived up to their logo! Thank You.

Bonnie S. (Franklin)

I am doing a lot of errands for my Mother since she has broken her back. That said, one errand was to go to your office in Exton to pay school taxes. As I stood there looking clueless the first time, Donna L. came to my rescue and helped me. Donna, at the time was VERY new to Berkheimer but this never waivered in her professionalism and kindness.. I had to return again to make a payment, once again I was unsure if credit cards could be used, and an even NICER, more helpful associate named Tammy walked me through this process explaining there would be an increase in cost due to using the card. She explained every POSSIBLE alternative (in EASY TERMS) so that I could tell my Mother. This made the situation which I had NO knowledge of a WHOLE lot easier and these two EXCEPTIONAL associates made this a pleasant experience. Meaning the payment part wasn’t fun, but having it taught to me helped TREMENDOUSLY. Your company should be grateful for people like Donna L and Tammy. Working with the public is AWFUL at times but they NEVER were anything but wonderful. I also got to this office approx. 5 or so minutes before closing AND it was a Friday. How awesome they were even though they probably wanted to go home. THANK YOU BOTH, DONNA L. AND TAMMY. Keep up that WONDERFUL PLEASANT demeanor and BEAUTIFUL way you treat way people.


Angelyn Y. (Downingtown)